This course, which was broadcast live between 4th and 9th July 2021, is now available for any-time online access, for individual study, or for in-person group screenings and discussion events.

The course is aimed at university students or graduates from any background: no formal training in science, theology or philosophy is assumed. All the speakers have a personal Christian faith, although the talks are intended for those of all faiths or none.

Life in this world produces an ever-increasing range of challenges, whether Covid-19, the climate emergency, medical ethics or finding meaning and purpose. Science and Faith both give us ways to understand and respond to these challenges, especially when they work together.

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion Summer Course 2021 features lectures and discussion with an array of international speakers highly qualified in their individual fields, on topics spanning: Astronomy, Climate Change, Evolutionary Ecology, Genetics, History, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Oceanography, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and Theology.

Registration for this course includes any-time individual access to 14 pre-recorded webinars, a set of group discussion questions provided by the speakers, and access to a Moodle virtual learning site with additional resources.

Join us individually or as a group, online or in person, to hear top academics discuss their field in an accessible way, and explore how science and faith interact.

The course covers five themes:
Science and Faith in History and Society
Science and Faith in Origins and Evolution
Science and Faith in Shaping the Universe
Science and Faith: All in the Mind?
Science and Faith in Caring for the Environment


  • Regular Individual ticket: £70 per person
  • Regular Group ticket (2-6 people): £35 per person
  • Student/Unwaged Individual ticket: £20 per person
  • Student/Unwaged Group ticket (2-6 people): £10 per person

Rates for larger groups, or for assistance from Faraday staff in facilitating a group, contact:



The Faraday Institute Summer Course 2021 offers the following program:

Plenary Public Lecture – Free Taster!
A Life in Science and Religion Revd Prof. Alister McGrath
Watch online at

Theme 1 – Science and Faith in History and Society
Introduction to Science and Faith Revd Prof. Alister McGrath
Historical Perspectives on Science and Religion Prof. Peter Harrison
Meet the Faraday Team: Working with Youth & Schools Lizzie Henderson & Steph Bryant
A Life of Science and Faith Dr Denis Alexander

Theme 2 – Science and Faith in Origins and Evolution
Understanding Origins from Scientific and Biblical Perspectives Revd Dr Ernest Lucas
Cultural Evolution in a Faith Context Prof. David Lahti
Out of Africa: Where Faith, Race, and Science Collide Prof. Joseph Graves

Theme 3 – Science and Faith in Shaping the Universe
Do the Laws of Physics Determine Everything? Prof. Barbara Drossel
Astrophysics and a Universe Leading to Life Dr Jennifer Wiseman
Mathematics and the Art of Being Human Prof. Satyan Devadoss

Theme 4 – Science and Faith: All in the Mind?
With God in Mind: Scientific Insights into Belief Formation Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie
Of Two Minds: A Neuroscientist Balances Science and Faith Prof. Bill Newsome

Theme 5 – Science and Faith in Caring for the Environment
Meet the Faraday Team: Engaging with Churches Ruth Bancewicz
Blue Planet, Blue God: Caring for the Oceans Prof. Meric Srokosz
Climate Change: Loving our Global Neighbour Prof. Katharine Hayhoe


Group Bookings

We particularly encourage groups of 2 or more people to study and discuss the course together – in person if you can! Discounted group booking rates are available, please contact us. If you would like help with facilitating a discussion group, in person or online, please let us know.



How to apply

To register up to 6 people for access to the Faraday Institute Summer Course 2021 RELAUNCHED: Interaction of Science and Faith in a Challenging World, fill in the application form below and submit online.

Any questions or for larger groups please email: