Prof. Athony Atala
[Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Wake Forest University, USA]

Prof. Greg Benesh
[Professor of Physics, Baylor University, USA]

Prof. Katherine Blundell OBE
[Professor of Astrophysics, Oxford University, UK]

Prof. Stephen Blundell
[Professor of Physics, Oxford University, UK]

Prof. Andrew Briggs
[Professor of Nanomaterials, Oxford University, UK]

Prof. John Hedley Brooke
[previously Professor of Science and Religion, Oxford University, UK]

Dr. Philip Calcott
[Director, Belleview Private Reserve, South Africa]

Prof. Hasok Chang
[Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University, UK]

Prof. Stephanie Clarke
[Professor of Neuropsychology, Lausanne University, Switzerland]

Prof. Sarah Coakley
[Norris-Hulse Professor Emeritus, University of Cambridge; Professorial Research Fellow, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne and Rome]

Prof. Simon Conway Morris FRS
[Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Palaeobiology, Cambridge University, UK]

Prof. Edward Davis
[Professor of the History of Science, Messiah College, USA]

The Revd Dr Andrew Davison
[Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences, Cambridge University]

Prof. Celia Deane-Drummond
[Professor in Theology and Director of the Center for Theology, Science and Human Flourishing, University of Notre Dame, USA; Senior Research Fellow, Campion Hall, Oxford University; and Hon. Visiting Professor in Theology and Science, Durham University]

Prof. Cees Dekker
[Professor of Physics, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands]

Prof. Barbara Drossel
[Professor of Theoretical Physics, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany]

Prof. Elaine Ecklund
[Professor of Sociology, Rice University, USA]

Prof. Paul Ewart
[Emeritus Professor of Physics, Oxford University, UK]

Prof. Mary Fowler
[Master of Darwin College, Cambridge University, UK]

Prof. Stephen Freeland
[Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Maryland, USA]

Prof. Owen Gingerich
[Professor of Astronomy and the History of Science, Harvard University, USA]

Prof. Niels Gregersen
[Professor of Systematic Theology, Copenhagen University, Denmark]

Prof. Nidhal Guessoum
[Professor of Physics, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates]

Prof. Andrew Halestrap
[Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry, Bristol University, UK]

Prof. Jeff Hardin
[Professor of Integrative Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA]

Prof. Peter Harrison
[Professor of History of Science, University of Queensland, Australia]

Prof. Katharine Hayhoe
[Professor and Endowed Chair in Public Policy and Co-Director of Climate Center, Texas Tech University, USA]

Sir Brian Heap CBE FRS
[Previously Vice-President of the Royal Society and Master of St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge, UK]

Prof. William Hurlbut
[Stanford University Medical Center, USA]

Prof. Ian Hutchinson
[Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT, USA]

Prof. Lydia Jaeger
[Academic Dean, Nogent Bible Institute, France]

Prof. Malcolm Jeeves CBE
[Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of St. Andrews, Scotland; formerly President of The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland]

Prof. Gareth Jones
[Bioethics Centre, University of Otago, New Zealand]

Prof. Ed Larson
[Professor of History and Law, Pepperdine University, USA]

Prof. David Livingstone FBA
[Professor of Geography and Intellectual History, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK]

Prof. Ard Louis
[Professor of Physics, Oxford University, UK]

Prof. Alister McGrath
[Professor of Science and Religion, Oxford University, UK]

Prof. Ross McKenzie
[Professor of Physics, University of Queensland, Australia]

Professor Kenneth Miller
[Professor of Biology, Brown University, USA]

Prof. David Myers
[Professor of Psychology, Hope College, USA]

Prof. Bill Newsome
[Professor of Neurobiology, Stanford University, USA]

Prof. Tim O’Connor
[Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University, USA]

Prof. Roz Picard
[Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT, USA]

Prof. Eric Priest FRS
[Emeritus Professor of Physics, St. Andrews University, Scotland]

Dr Vinoth Ramachandra
[IFES Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement, Sri Lanka]

Revd Prof. Michael Reiss
[Professor of Science Education, University College London, UK]

Prof. Jeff Schloss
[Professor of Biology, Westmont College, USA]

Prof. Meric Srokosz
[Professor of Oceanography, Southampton University, UK]

Prof. Mikael Stenmark
[Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Uppsala University, Sweden]

Prof. Lionel Tarassenko
[Professor of Electrical Engineering, Oxford University, UK]

Prof. Alan Torrance
[Professor of Systematic Theology and Director, Logos Institute, St. Andrews University, Scotland]

Prof. Roger Trigg
[Senior Research Fellow, Ian Ramsey Centre, Oxford University; Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Warwick University, UK]

Prof. Peter van Inwagen
[Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, USA]

Prof. René van Woudenberg
[Professor of Philosophy, Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands]

Prof. John Walton
[Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College, USA]

Prof. Michael Welker
[Senior Professor and Director of the Research Centre for International and Interdisciplinary Theology, University of Heidelberg, Germany]

Prof. David Wilkinson
[Professor of Theology, Durham University, UK]

Dr. Jennifer Wiseman
[Director, Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Religion, USA]

Prof. John Wood
[formerly Secretary-General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK]

Revd. Prof. Tom Wright
[Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, St. Andrews University, Scotland]

Prof. John Wyatt
[Professor of Ethics and Perinatology, University College London, UK]

Prof. Hanry Yu
[Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore]