Science & Eternity

The aim of Science & Eternity is to produce short films (<3 mins long) on various science and faith subjects incorporating evocative landscapes, inspirational music and intriguing narratives (based on interviews with leading academics), all designed to engage viewers into further viewing and exploration.

The opening season includes interviews with Prof John Wyatt (University College London) ethicist on developments in AI and robotics, Prof Peter Robinson (University of Cambridge) computer scientist interested in the boundary between humans and machines, and Prof Noreen Herzfeld, theologian and computer scientist (University of Minnesota).

Other interviews include Dr Mark Hocknull (Lincoln University) and Prof David Wilkinson (St John’s College, Durham University) on the concept of time.

Launching the new podcast, Prof Robert (Bob) White, Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion said, ‘Podcasts are a really accessible way for people to keep up to date with some of the exciting scientific questions in the world today. I am thrilled about this opportunity to share some of the great science being done in and around The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion and the University of Cambridge.’

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