January 13, 2023 - January 14, 2023

Cambridge & Online

Dr Nick Spencer, Prof. Hugh Rollinson, Dr Ruth Bancewicz, Matthew Fell, Steph Bryant, Dr Denis Alexander, Matthew Gardner, Davinder Gardner, Revd Charmaine Mhlanga

Join us for this interactive two-day workshop designed for Christian leaders – whether ordained, lay, or active and experienced members of a local church. Participants will be equipped to engage with scientific issues in the day-to-day life of their ministry context.

This workshop will cover contemporary topics in the dialogue between Science and the Christian Faith, including Artificial Intelligence, Bioethics, Evolution, and Miracles.

Open to all church leaders – no scientific background required.

Cost:  £75/£50 (standard, Cambridge/Online), £50/£30 (students, Cambridge/online)

Any questions please contact: events@faraday.cam.ac.uk

Bookings deadline: 16th December 2022

Provisional programme


Dr Nick Spencer – Moving Away from the Shallow End: Attitudes to Science and Religion in the UK today

Dr Mike Brownnutt – Global Perspectives on Science and Christianity

Prof Hugh Rollinson & Dr Ruth Bancewicz – Creation and Evolution: An introduction

Matt Fell – Creation and Evolution: Digging deeper


Steph Bryant – Exploring Big Questions with Children and Young People

Matt and Davinder Gardner – Miracles

Dr Rachel Siow Robertson & Revd Charmaine Mhlanga – Artificial Intelligence

Dr Denis Alexander – Bioethics: Key issues for busy Church leaders

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Standard Ticket (Online)


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Student Ticket (Online)