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In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic our summer course will be held virtually with ‘Telling A Better Story’ online. The Faraday Institute is offering a week of online teaching sessions, open to those who would like to benefit.

Faith and science are often seen as uncomfortable bed-fellows. However, this has not always been so. In this series of webinars we examine the ways in which Faith and Science speak to each other in contemporary society and explore the theological and ethical issues which this dialogue raises. We aim to show that there is a better story to be told about faith and science than the prevalent one of conflict and mutual distrust.

Each day, from Monday 29th June to Friday to 3rd July we shall be hosting two or three webinars each day given by an array of international speakers highly qualified in their individual fields. There will also be some opportunity for on-line discussion.

It is completely free to attend and open to anyone, anywhere, who is interested. You are free to join us for as much or as little of our programme as you wish. Each session will also be recorded and made available later.

Course speakers will include:

Prof. René van Woudenberg (Free University of Amsterdam)
Prof. Roger Trigg (University of Oxford)
Prof. Tom McLeish (University of York)
Prof. John Walton (Wheaton College, USA)
Prof. Russell Cowburn (University of Cambridge)
Prof. Simon Conway-Morris (University of Cambridge)
Prof. Cara Wall-Scheffler (Seattle Pacific University, USA)
Dr Sharon Dirckx (Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics)
Rev. Dr. Joanna Collicutt (University of Oxford)
Prof. John Wyatt (University College London)
Dr Hilary Marlow (University of Cambridge)
Prof. Darren Evans (University of Newcastle)

In 2020, the Faraday Institute will offer the following programme:

Themes for individual days

Monday 29th June A better story about the nature of reality
10:00am [BST] Science and Religion – Two Disciplines, One Reality – Prof. René van Woudenberg
2:00pm [BST] How Do We Know What We Know In Science and Religion? – Prof. Roger Trigg
8:00pm [BST] A Theology of Science – Prof. Tom McLeish
Tuesday 30th June A better story about origins (day 1)
10.00am [BST] Making Sense Of Randomness In The Physical World – Prof. Russell Cowburn FRS
2.00 pm [BST] Understanding Genesis – Insights From The Study Of Ancient Near-East Cultures – Prof. John Walton.
8.00 pm [BST] Understanding Adam And Eve And The Fall – Prof. John Walton
Wednesday 1st July A better story about origins (day 2)
10.00am [BST] Does The Evolutionary Narrative Tend To Support Theism? – Prof. Simon ConwayMorris FRS
2.00pm [BST] Does Evolutionary Anthropology Show That Humans Are Distinctive? – Dr Cara Wall-Scheffler
Thursday 2nd July A better story about human identity
10.00am [BST] Neuroscience and Human Identity – Dr Sharon Dirckx
2.00pm [BST] ‘I think therefore I am’? Dementia and Human Identity – Revd Dr Joanna Collicutt
8.00pm [BST] Dying Well – Prof. John Wyatt
Friday 3rd July A better story about the environment
10.00am [BST] What Has Faith To Do With The Environment? Scriptural and Theological Perspectives – Dr Hilary Marlow
2.00pm [BST] Why Care About Conservation? – Prof. Darren Evans
Zoom Webinar

The schedule for the Summer Course programme 2020 can be downloaded here.

A selection of abstracts can be read here.