René van Woudenberg is a professor of Epistemology and Metaphysics in the Department of Philosohy of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He is the director of the Abraham Kuyper Center for Science and Religion.

Forthcoming publications include the edited volumes The Cambridge Companion to Common Sense Philosophy (Cambridge University Press) and Science and Common Sense (Routledge), as well as his monograph The Epistemology of Reading and Interpretation (Cambridge University Press). Some recent papers are “A Short History of Theodicy” (in Justin McBrayer & Daniel Howard Snyder, The Blackwell Companion to the Problem of Evil), “Tests for Intrinsicness Tested” (Phil Review), “Both Random and Guided” (Ratio), “Science and the Ethics of Belief” (Journal for the General Philosophy of Science), “Design Hypotheses Behave Like Sceptical Hypotheses. Or: Why we Can’t Know the Falsity of Design Hypotheses” (International Journal for the Study of Skepticism), “Academia’s Big Five: A Taxonomy for Measuring Epistemic Progress in the University” (F2000), “Collective Ignorance. An Information Theoretic Account” (Synthese). With Jeroen de Ridder and Rik Peels he is the editor of Scientism: Prospects and Problems (Oxford University Press).

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