Talks from previous years events have been made freely available for the first time as part of this online festival, including talks by a number of Faraday staff and people in our wider network. 

Contemporary Issues in Science and Christianity, Ruth Bancewicz (2011)

Is There Such a Thing as Christian Bioethics? John Bryant (2011)

Q & A Session, Ruth Bancewicz and John Bryant (2011)

Dawkins, Hawking and the Simpsons: Science and Religion in the Media, David Wilkinson (2011)

Atheists: The Origin of the Species, Nick Spencer (2014)

What is Science For in the Kingdom of God?, Tom McLeish (2015)

Panel on Faith and Science, Lizzie Henderson, Tom McLeish, Neil Messer (2015)

Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum, Prof. Fern Elsdon-Baker, Dr. Carissa Sharp (2018)

The Poetry and Music of Science, Tom McLeish (2019)