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Are you looking for material for a lent course, home group or special-interest group? Here are some suggestions that will help adult small groups to dig into the science-faith discussion – especially those without any science background.


General Introductions

Test of FAITH includes a set of three to six sessions accompanying a the part broadcast-quality documentary. Topics covered include: science and faith, the Big Bang, creation/evolution, creation care, bioethics and neuroscience. The videos are now free on YouTube in a number of languages. Small group material can be purchased at a discount from the Faraday shop. (The leader’s guide contains all the information you need to run the course, including answers to questions. The study guide could be given to each member of the group for note-taking or handout information).

Wonders of the Living World is a series of up to six free sessions that use videos to introduce working scientists, looking at the big questions raised by their research in the context of their Christian faith. Topics include beauty, curiosity, hope, creation and purpose. This material accompanies a colour illustrated coffee table book of the same title.

Should We Have Faith in Science? Is a one-off free session looking at the nature of science from the perspective of Psalm 8. Watch this space for future one-off sessions from the Faraday Institute.

The Penultimate Curiosity is a documentary (now on YouTube) about how science develops in the wake of ultimate questions about the meaning and purpose of life. It’s accompanied by a book and a free six-session study guide.


Special topics

The Character Course was produced by the Christian psychologist Roger Bretherton and his team at the University of Lincoln, bringing together the psychology of character development with ancient biblical wisdom. In eight free sessions it covers key themes of Christian discipleship: learning, hope, love, forgiveness, gratitude, humour, persistence and curiosity.

Artificial Intelligence in Christian Thought and Practice was produced by a group of young Christian researchers in the field of Artificial intelligence (AI). Each of the seven sessions includes a short Bible passage, 4-500 word article, discussion questions, and suggestions for further study. The series looks at both positive and negative uses of AI, and seeks to encourage Christians to think about how we can use this technology well.

Creation Care: A Biblical Imperative is designed as continuing development for Methodist local preachers, and could easily be used for other adult small groups in a church-based setting. (We are blessed with a rich diversity of small group material on creation care, so please explore our hot topics section on this issue to find more details.)

From the Dust is a broadcast-quality documentary (on DVD, $20) that explores the question of human origins, produced on collaboration with the Christian organisation BioLogos. It’s accompanied by a six-week study guide that includes suggestions for worship, Bible reading, discussion and prayer.

Jesus, Beginnings & Science: a guide for group conversation is a series of 12 sessions written by a science professor and a campus minister (print edition £9.95). This would work well for a very Bible-oriented church that had been exposed to some of the debate about creation and evolution. The guide helps diffuse the tension, exploring the full breadth of biblical passages on creation, and looking at the nature of science and how it complements Christian faith.

Engaging Theology​ – free small group material produced by the Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology for the Christian student movement Fusion. Includes a fascinating unit on Creation that engages some of the most important points from the doctrine of creation, that have implications for our faith and action in the world.

A Catechism of Creation: A Episcopal Understanding​, Prepared for Study in Congregations by The Committee on Science, Technology and Faith of The Executive Council The Episcopal Church in the United States of America, including extensive bibliography.