Test of FAITH is a series of introductory resources on science and Christianity, produced by The Faraday Institute for both adults and young people, with contributions from leading scientists and theologians.

The broadcast-quality documentary (now freely available on YouTube) looks at why the relationship between science and faith is often represented as a battleground. The claim is that science has pushed God into the margins. But is the truth more complex? Talking to leading scientist-believers, we probe the issues at the heart of this debate. Has science really murdered God? Or is the God question being redefined in new ways by science? Does the possibility of a Creator remain an ineradicable challenge?


  • Beyond Reason? – Science, faith and the universe (28 mins)
  • An Accident in the Making? – Creation, evolution and the environment (32 mins)
  • Is there anybody there? – The brain, freewill and ethics (28 mins)

The book brings together stories from ten of the scientists featured in the film, sharing more about their faith and their lives as researchers at the cutting edge of science. What led them to become scientists? Why did they embrace Christianity? And how do they relate their religious beliefs to the science that they do in the lab? The stories that they tell help us to see that when it comes to answering some of life’s big questions we do well to listen for the insights from both science and faith.

The short course (3 to 6, 1.5-2 hour sessions) helps small groups to explore the issues raised in the film, encouraging open discussion of a range of views. It’s flexible so that you can choose the issues you want to address, and work at a pace and level that suits the group.

Topics include an introduction to science and faith, the big bang, fine tuning of the universe, miracles, Genesis and evolution, bioethics and the brain.

Find out more, including our schools, youth, homeschool and church service materials, international versions and other supporting resources, at testoffaith.com.

The Test of FAITH project was generously funded by The John Templeton Foundation.