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In these days of online services and a higher engagement with science due to questions about COVID, some high-quality short videos on science and faith are a must-have in any Church leader’s resource collection. The links below include stories from leading scientists who are Christians, explanations of how science and faith can work together, and exploration of some of the key issues and opportunities.  As far as is possible, we have obtained permission for these videos to be used in a church setting, but please do acknowledge the source. Please also provide a link to the website where the videos are originally posted if at all possible.

The Science and Eternity series from The Faraday Institute (comes with study materials). Copyright: The Faraday Institute gives permission for these videos to be used in in-person or online church events.

Test of FAITH – excerpts and interview extras from a 3 part series from The Faraday Institute. Downloadable versions, for use in public settings, are available here. Copyright: see above.

Wonders of the Living World: coming soon – a series of short videos to accompany the book of the same name. Copyright: see above.

God’s Word, God’s World, and other videos from BioLogos. Copyright: Biologos have said, “Permission is not required for non-commercial uses. Contact for questions or to share how BioLogos is impacting your ministry.”

Why Are We Here? – a Christian physicist and an agnostic filmmaker discuss the big questions of life with a range of scientists, philosopher and theologians. Use the topics index to explore short excerpts. Copyright: Tern TV gives permission for these videos to be used in in-person or online church events.

From the Dust: excerpts from a three-part series on creation, featuring NT Wright, John Polkinghorne, Alister McGrath, and many others, produced in partnership with BioLogos. Copyright: Highway Media grants permission to utilize From the Dust: Conversations in Creation in in-person or online church events.

Science: The Wide Angle: a series produced for use in seminaries, focusing on the experience of working scientists – many of whom are Christians – and the big questions raised by their research.  Copyright: the videos are intended to be used in educational and ministry settings. If you wish, contact to ask permission to use these videos.

Videos on creation care from the Lausanne Movement Global Classroom. Copyright: creative commons license BY-NC-SA 4.0 – see the A Rocha website version for details.

Short Answers to Big Questions, from Emerging Christian Leaders in an Age of Science (ECLAS). Select ‘science and religion’ and scroll down to find the short answers videos. Copyright: ECLAS have said, “People can feel free to download and use our videos – we would ask that they credit us if sharing online.”

Closer to Truth – free excerpts from a US-based TV series exploring the big questions raised by science. E.g., interviews with Francis Collins, Tom McLeish, Denis Alexander, John Polkinghorne, Rodney Holder, Andrew Pinsent, Sarah Coakley, Alister McGrath, and Andrew Torrance.  Copyright: use the contact form on the website to ask permission to use these videos.