For regular readers of the blog Science and Belief and its associated twitter and Facebook feeds, who now find themselves directed to this new site, here is an explanation of this development.

Science and Belief was a project of Ruth Bancewicz at The Faraday Institute, with the aim of sharing stories about the positive interaction between science and faith as part of her projects God in the Lab and Wonders of the Living World. Regular posts began in July 2010, and we reached our 500th post in February 2020. Our intended audience in the last few years has been church leaders and their congregations. We are well aware that people from different backgrounds have also engaged with this content and have gladly welcomed you all to the conversation.

The appointment of Ruth as the Faraday Church Engagement Director, and the launch of the new Faraday Institute website, gave us a wonderful opportunity to bring together all our resources for churches, including the Science and Belief blog, twitter and Facebook page. We decided to bring them under the banner of Faraday Churches.

This is a good time to thank everyone who has supported the blog for so many years, not least all our guest writers, authors and publishers who have allowed us to use extracts from their books, and the web developers and designers who have kept the site working smoothly.

We hope you like the new format, continue to enjoy and interact with the new content we post every week, and can share it with others who will find it helpful.

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