Welcome to the Faraday Institute’s contributions for adults at New Wine’s United Breaks Out event, which is running online from 29th July-3rd August. For recommendations for younger age groups, check out our Youth and Schools programme.

Our aim is to equip UK churches to include some engagement with science in their regular ministry and mission in a way that is relevant and accessible for everyone.

Don’t miss our Church Engagement Director Dr Ruth Bancewicz’s seminar on Monday 2nd August, Sharing the Wonder: Conversations about Science and Faith. From galaxies bigger than you can imagine to the tiniest insect, God’s creation is an incredible place. Come and explore how both science and Christian faith can help us see the world as it really is, and how we can share this in a way that opens up new and fruitful conversations. (Note: the main talks at this festival are available for free, and the seminar stream is for members of the New Wine Digital Hub – which is available to all for an annual subscription.)

The slides for Ruth’s seminar can be downloaded here (10MB).

Here are some resources to help you find out a bit more about us and what we do, and start exploring the issues and opportunities on this topic.

  • Check out the About section to find out our aims and ethos, the mains things we teach and how we can help your church
  • Be inspired by what other churches are doing
  • Read the intro article to find out a bit about how science and Christain faith can be not just complementary but mutually enriching!
  • Explore the popular Top 10 Questions section
  • Find resources to tackle the Hot Topics of our day
  • Finally, take a peek at our latest resource, Wonders of the Living World: Curiosity awe and the meaning of life – a beautifully illustrated book for age 16+ with free online adult small group material and resources for teachers of older secondary school pupils.