This series of seven sessions was written by a group of young Christian researchers in the field of Artificial intelligence (AI) at prestigious universities, hosted by the Oxford Pastorate. The aim is to equip ordinary Christians to discuss the issues and opportunities raised by AI in church-based discussions or home groups.

Each session includes a short Bible passage, 4-500 word article, several discussion questions, and a reference list for those who want to follow up the topic further. The sessions look at both the positive and negative uses and implications of AI, and seek to encourage Christians to think about how we can use this technology well.

The topics covered are:

  • How AI is changing global understanding and cooperation
  • Relating to artificial persons in everyday life
  • How will AI transform work, creativity & purpose?
  • AI in counselling & spiritual care
  • machine consciousness
  • How AI is shaping ideas of sin, justice, freedom and forgiveness
  • Finance, Charity and Fairness

An introductory article lays out the ethos behind the series and contains links to each of the posts.

An recent interview with the series editor by the American Association for the Advancement of Science Dialogue on Science Ethics and Religion gives a bit more information about the motivation behind writing the material, and how it has been used in churches.

This would be helpful material for groups that have a short amount of time – both to prepare and to run the sessions, as they are so simple and straightforward. The questions posed are profound, and will open up many more questions than they answer, but that is a very important step in our thinking about AI. With material like this, churches can raise awareness of how this technology is affecting lives around the world, and help their members and wider communities to begin thinking about how we can respond in fruitful ways.