These notes can be used as the basis for a conversation with Dr Bancewicz, or with your leadership team, to help identify the areas in which we might be able to help you. A selection of questions are provided to help start the dialogue – you don’t need to go through them all!


Your own experience

What are your own thoughts and feelings about science? (Do you think other church members are aware of what you think? Might they agree or disagree?)

Have you ever addressed scientific topics in a church context? How did you do this and what happened?

Does anything hold you back from addressing particular scientific topics?


What are the needs in your church?

In which situations does science affect the lives of your church members?

How are these needs being met at the moment?

Which sections of your congregation might feel they are not affected by science or don’t need to think about it? Would they be right?

Which topics do you think would grab the attention of people in your congregation the most? (see topics list on pages 4-5)


What do you think you should be doing in this area?

In which situations is input on scientific topics needed?

What types of activities or resources do you think would help?

Do you have concerns about tackling any of the topics you listed? How might these be addressed?

How many people in your congregation have a scientific background, and how many are in scientific careers? How can you encourage them and use their gifts to serve the church?