To work out our ethos and aims, we would love everyone, whether Christian or not, to know that:

  • you don’t have to choose between science and faith, and thousands of scientists around the world have a genuine Christian faith;
  • studying God’s creation well, using the tools of science, glorifies God and is an act of worship;
    the results of good scientific research can open our eyes to the wonder of God’s creation and help us to worship him more fully;
  • and the Church can have a voice into society on the wise use of scientific knowledge, as well as sharing how science can be part of our work and worship.

We also think that everyone should have the opportunity to explore these topics:

  • Stories of Christians in the sciences, and how they live out their faith in the lab.
  • The relationship between science and faith, including the question of what is science and how it emerged in the Christian West.
  • The wonders of science and the big questions raised by scientific discoveries that point to answers beyond science.
  • The areas of science that affect the technologies we use, the way we treat each other and the rest of creation, and the way we see ourselves and our relationship with God. E.g. biomedical science, Artificial Intelligence and robotics, neuroscience & psychology, climate science & ecology.
  • The areas of theology that inform our interactions with science. E.g. the image of God, prayer & miracles, interpretation of the Biblical creation passages, the fall, evil and suffering, creation care, and a theology of science itself.
  • The main arguments for and against God in a scientific world, and how a thoughtful Christian might answer them.