Revd Margot R Hodson is Vicar of Haddenham, Cuddington, Kingsey and Aston Sandford in Buckinghamshire, and was previously Chaplain of Jesus College, Oxford. She is a Director of the John Ray Initiative and their representative on the board of A Rocha UK. Margot teaches environmental ethics at Oxford Brookes University and is married to Dr Martin J Hodson.

Recent publications

  • Hodson, M.J. and Hodson M.R. (2013) ‘Climate change now: science, policy, theology and action’, in A. Kingston Smith, C. Kingston-Smith, J. Ingleby and M. Hoek ed.s Carnival Kingdom: biblical justice for global communities, Gloucester: Redcliffe College
  • Hodson, M. R. (2013), ‘Environment and the Bible’, in L.Cherrett ed. Guidelines, Bible study for today’s ministry and mission, Vol 29 part 1.
  • Hodson, M. R. (2011), ‘Uncovering Isaiah’s Environmental Ethics’.Grove Booklet, Ethics series, Cambridge: Grove Publications (in press).
  • Hodson, M. R. (2010), ‘Storm clouds and mission: creation care and environmental crisis’ in B. Woolnough, ed. Holistic Mission: good news for the poor and the oppressed?, Oxford: Regnum Books International
    Hodson, M.J. and Hodson M.R. (2010) ‘Climate Change, Faith and Rural Communities’ Faith and the Future of the Countryside, ACORA (paper accepted for ACORA conference).
  • Hodson, M. J. and Hodson, M. R. (2008), Cherishing the Earth, How to care for God’s Creation, Oxford: Monarch. (
  • Weaver, J. and Hodson, M. R. eds. (2007), The Place of Environmental Theology: a guide for seminaries, colleges and universities, Oxford: Whitley Trust, & Prague: IBTS.
  • Hodson, M. R. (2007), “Creative harmony: Isaiah’s vision of a sustainable future”, in R. J. Berry, ed. When Enough is Enough, A Christian Framework for Environmental Sustainability, Leicester: IVP, p.169-177.
  • Hodson, M. R. (2004, Environmental Christianity: insights from our Jewish Heritage, JRI Briefing Papers, No. 13, Cheltenham: The John Ray Initiative.
  • Hodson, M. R. (2000), A Feast of Seasons, London: Monarch.
  • Hodson, M.R. (1998), ‘Jerusalem’s Story’, St Albans: Olive Press.

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