The Rev Dr Patrick Richmond is Vicar of Christ Church, Eaton, Chair of the House of Clergy in Norwich Diocese and Chair of Science and Faith in Norfolk. He was until May 2007 Dean of Chapel at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. He read medicine at Balliol College, Oxford and did a DPhil in cell physiology at Green College, Oxford. He worked with heroin addicts in Pakistan before training for ordination at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, where he took a first in the BA theology examinations and a distinction in the postgraduate diploma. He served as a curate in Leicester before going to St Catharine’s College. His academic interests include philosophical theology, ethics, and the relationship of science to faith. He has authored numerous book reviews, given several lectures and refereed several papers submitted to Science and Christian Belief and refereed book proposals for Apollos.

Selected Publications

  • ‘Response to Campbell’s Euthanasia and the Principle of Justice’ in Euthanasia and the Churches ed. Robin Gill (Cassell, London, 1998) pp.103-109
  • ‘Openness to the Bible? A traditional challenge to Clark Pinnock’s Understanding of God’ in Reconstructing Theology: A Critical Assessment of the Theology of Clark Pinnock Eds. Gray, A. & Sinkinson, C. (Carlisle: Paternoster, 2000) pp.91-119
  • Review: Nature, Design and Science: the Status of Design in Natural Science by Del Ratzsch (State University of New York Press, 2001) Faith and Philosophy Vol 19 No.3 July 2002, pp. 390-393
  • ‘Neuroscientific determinism and the Problem of Evil’ Science and Christian Belief Vol. 16 No. 2 (October 2004), pp. 139-156
  • Reviews: Science and the Study of God by Alan Padgett (Eerdmans) and Divine Action and Modern Science, by Nicholas Saunders (Cambridge University Press), Faith and Philosophy, Vol 23, No.3, July 2006
  • ‘Richard Dawkins’ Darwinian Objection to Unexplained Complexity in God’ Science and Christian Belief, Vol 19, No. 2, (October 2007) pp.99-116
  • ‘Response to Bussey’ Science and Christian Belief, Vol 20, No. 2, (October 2008) pp. 195-200
  • ‘Scientific Explanations of Religious Experience and their Implications for Belief’ Science and Christian Belief Vol 22 No.1, (April 2010) pp. 23-43
  • ‘Where does Belief Come from?’ Reform Magazine July/August 2010 pp.14-16

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