David has been a Baptist Minister for 20 years, undertaking initial studies at Regents Park College Oxford. He was Baptist Union President from 2018-2019 with a theme of “Divine Windows – glimpses of God in Life, the Universe and Everything”. He is currently a part-time minister at Croxley Green Baptist Church, standing down as team leader in the summer of 2021 to focus upon the interface of science and faith, and issues around Climate Change and the environment.

Prior to ministry, he studied Physics and Astrophysics at Leicester University and gained a Doctorate in Atmospheric Physics at Imperial College, London in 1986. He worked for 15 years at the Met Office and European Weather Centre researching clouds in weather forecast and climate models and participated in several international projects.

David has taken an active interest in the interface of science and faith, and climate change and within both the Baptist Together network of churches and wider Christian Community. He convenes BUEN – the Baptist Union Environment Network – and chairs the John Ray Initiative, an environmental education charity connecting science, the environment and Christianity. He sits on the grant board of “Scientists in Congregations,” part of the Equipping Christian Leaders in an Age of Science project at St John’s College, University of Durham.

As “Dr Dave” he co-ordinates the “Messy Church Does Science” project which uses science experiments to help families to explore the wonder of creation and the wonder of the creator, now used in Messy Churches in several countries. He also led the development of the follow-on project “MESS-AI Church” exploring robots, AI, and faith and is the science advisor for “Messy Church Goes Wild Adventures.” He is also a regular speaker with “God and the Big Bang,” exploring science and faith issues with both primary and secondary school students.

David has taught at several theological colleges and on the Southern Counties and Central Baptist Associations “Footsteps” local leadership training programmes. He has spoken on previous Faraday Workshops and recently completed a Masters in Applied Theology at Regents Park College, Oxford focusing upon the dialogue of science and theology with a dissertation “When Higgs, Hubble and Berger meet – A Theological Reflection on Scientific Imagery as Providing Signals of Transcendence.”

Dave takes an interest in history and diverse cultures, watching films and science fiction and reading an increasing diverse range of books from science fiction to ancient Roman detective stories. He has a collection of Lego space craft – from the Saturn V moon rocket to the Space Shuttle, enjoys cooking – particularly Mediterranean and Middle Easter dishes – and singing with a local community choir. He also likes to take time walking among the hills of The Peak District and the mountains of Italy.

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