As a lecturer at University College, London, Charlotte Sleigh is a researcher, writer and practitioner across the science humanities (science & history, literature, theology) and science communication. In recent years Charlotte has been involved with a number of art and science projects (e.g. Chain Reaction!, 2013 and Metamorphoses, 2017) and various forms of climate science communication. She has done consultancy and engagement projects for organisations including the Royal Society, local business and a UK City Council, as well as freelance work in editing and coaching for writing. Examples of her own writing for general readers can be found at Noema and Aeon magazines and at Wellcome Stories.

Charlotte has long-standing academic research interests in human-animal relations, their science and representation. Her books on this topic are Ant (Reaktion, 2003); Six Legs Better (Johns Hopkins, 2007); Frog (Reaktion, 2012); Cosmopolitan Animals (co-editor, Palgrave, 2015), The Paper Zoo (British Library/Chicago, 2016) and Human (Reaktion, 2020; with Amanda Rees). Besides this, she has written widely on the historical and textual relationships between science and writing (Literature and Science, Palgrave 2010). In recent years, this interest in literature has come to focus on science fiction and early fandom in Britain.

Charlotte is a former editor of the British Journal for the History of Science and former president of the British Society for the History of Science.

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