Tim Maughan is Professor of Cancer Studies at the School of Medicine in Cardiff University and an Honorary Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Velindre Hospital specialising in gastrointestinal cancers and lymphoma therapy. He is the Director of the Wales Cancer Trials Network, a regional clinical trials organisation founded in 1998 and forerunner of the National Cancer Research Network and currently chairs the NCRN operational steering group. In 2005 the Wales Cancer Trials Unit was accredited by the NCRI and under Professor Maughan’s leadership the WCTU is now running a portfolio of major multicentre cancer trials.

Professor Maughan has recently been appointed as the Director of the Clinical Research Collaboration Cymru Coordinating Centre. This major research collaboration funded by the Wales Assembly Government aims to develop an internationally competitive infrastructure for clinical research in health and social care and is the Welsh component of the UK Clinical Research Network.

Professor Maughan’s research is in the treatment of patients with colorectal cancer. He is involved extensively at UK level in clinical trial design and execution in gastrointestinal cancers and is chair of the NCRI advanced colorectal cancer subgroup. As such, he is the Chief Investigator of the MRC COIN trial, evaluating novel treatments in metastatic colorectal cancer. This trial aims to recruit over 2400 patients from centres across the UK in the next two years. There is an extensive translational research programme running alongside the COIN trial, much of which is centred in Cardiff. He has previously worked in University College London,  Southern Sudan and Cambridge.

Selected Recent Publications

  • S. Mukherjee, E. Hudson, S. Reza, M. Thomas,* T. Crosby, T. Maughan. A review of outcome of pancreatic cancer within a UK cancer network with special emphasis on locally advanced non-metastatic pancreatic cancer (LANPC) accepted Clinical Oncology 2007 July.
  • Matthew T. Seymour, Timothy S. Maughan, Jonathan Ledermann, Clare Topham, Roger James, Stephen Gwyther, David B. Smith, Stephen Shepherd, Anthony Maraveyas, David R. Ferry, Angela M. Meade, Lindsay Thompson, Gareth Griffiths, Mahesh K.B. Parmar, and Richard J. Stephens, for the FOCUS Trial Investigators and the National Cancer Research Institute Colorectal Clinical Studies Group. Different strategies of sequential and combination chemotherapy for patients with poor prognosis advanced colorectal cancer (MRC FOCUS): a randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2007; 370: 143–52.
  • Hudson E, Powell J, Mukherjee S, Crosby TD, Brewster AE, Maughan TS, Bailey H, Lester JF. Small cell oesophageal carcinoma: an institutional experience and review of the literature. Br J Cancer. 2007 Mar 12;96(5):708-11.
  • R Glynne-Jones1, S Falk2, TS Maughan3, HM Meadows4 and D Sebag-Montefiore5 A phase I/II study of Irinotecan when added to 5-Fluorouracil and leucovorin and pelvic radiation in locally advanced rectal cancer: A Colorectal Clinical Oncology Group (CCOG) Study. Br J Cancer 96, 551-8; 2007.
  • Adams RA & Maughan TS. Predicting response to epidermal growth factor receptor targeted therapy in colorectal cancer. Expert Reviews in anticancer therapy 7 (4), 503-518, 2007.
  • Richard A Adams, Matthew Morgan, Somnath Mukherjee, Alison E Brewster, Tim S Maughan, Dave Morrey, Tim Havard, Wyn Lewis, Geoff Clarke, S Ashley Roberts, L Vachtsevanos, J Leong, Richard Hardwick, David Carey, and Tom D.L Crosby. A prospective comparison of multidisciplinary treatment of oesophageal cancer with curative intent in a UK cancer network. Eur J Surg Oncol. 2006 Nov 21; [Epub ahead of print].
  • Cassidy J, Douillard J-Y, Twelves C, McKendrick JJ, Scheithauer W, Bustová I, Johnston PG, Lesniewski-Kmak K, Jelic S, Fountzilas G, Coxon F, Díaz-Rubio E, Maughan TS, Malzyner A, Bertetto O, Beham A, Figer A, Dufour P, Patel KK, Cowell W, Garrison LP. Pharmaco-economic analysis of adjuvant oral capecitabine versus intravenous 5-FU/LV in Dukes’ C colon cancer: the X-ACT trial Br J Cancer July 2006 
  • QUASAR Collaborative Group. QUASAR: a randomised study of adjuvant chemotherapy vs observation including 3239 colorectal cancer patients. In press Lancet. 
  • Maughan TS, James RD, Kerr D, Ledermann JA, Seymour MT, Topham C, McArdle C, Cain D and Stephens RJ on behalf of the MRC Colorectal Cancer Group Comparison of intermittent and continuous palliative chemotherapy for advanced colorectal: a multicentre randomised trial. Lancet, 2003; 361 : 457-64. 
  • Maughan TS, James RD, Kerr D, Ledermann JA, McArdle C, Seymour MT, Cohen D, Hopwood P, Johnston C, Stephens RJ on behalf of the British MRC Colorectal Cancer Working Party. A multicentre randomised trial comparing survival, palliation and quality of life for 3 chemotherapy regimens (de Gramont, Lokich and Raltitrexed) in metastatic colorectal cancer. Lancet 2002 :359, 1555-63. 

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