Stephanie Clarke is Professor and Head of the Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation Clinic at the University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland. The Clinic provides neurorehabilitation to in- and outpatients in postacute and chronic stages of brain lesions, with particular emphasis on neuropsychological rehabilitation and speech therapy. With her group Stephanie Clarke carries out research projects that combine investigations of cognitive functions and of the functional organization of the human cerebral cortex, with particular interest in the organisation and plasticity of the human auditory cortex.

Stephanie Clarke is involved in several professional and scientific bodies and is currently (immediate) Past president of the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation. During the preceding years she served as President-Elect and President of the World Federation of Neurorehabilitation (2008-2012-2016- );

Director of the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Lausanne (2003-2015); President of the Swiss Society for Neurorehabilitation (2002-08); President of the Swiss Society for Neuroscience (2007-08); Member (2004-12), Vice-President (2008-09) and President (2009-12) of the Division Biology and Medicine of the Swiss National Science Foundation; Member of the Committee of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (2004-12); Member of the Committee and of the Foundation Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation (2003-2004); Member of the Committee of the European Brain and Behaviour Society (2001- 2004); Member of the taskforce “Cognitive rehabilitation” of the European Federation of Neurological Societies (2000- 2006).

In her field, cognitive neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation, she published over 150 original papers in peer-reviewed international journals, proceedings, guidelines, and book chapters.


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