Professor Joe Perry is a quantitative ecologist at Rothamsted Research. His interests are in spatio-temporal dynamics of insect and plant populations; risk assessment for GM crops; biometry in ecology; effects of agriculture on farmland biodiversity; and bioethics of GM. He was awarded a DSc degree by the University of Reading in 1989. Since 1994 he has been Visiting Professor of Biometry at the University of Greenwich. In 1998 he received the Distinguished Statistical Ecologist Award of the International Association for Ecology. He was elected to Fellowship of the Institute of Biology in 2002. In 2004 he was a Visiting Erskine Fellow at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He is currently President of the British and Irish Region of the International Biometric Society.

Science and Religion Papers

  • Perry, J.N. (2001) Genetically Modified Crops. pp. 22-91 in: Genetic Engineering, Volume XV in the ‘Christ and the Cosmos’ series. Edited by Brenda Beamond. Proceedings of the Consultation held in London Colney, 20-22 April 2001. ISBN 0953036057.
  • Perry, J.N. (2002) Genetically Modified Crops. pp. 115-122 in: Genetically Modified Foods: Debating Technology. Edited by Michael Ruse & David Castle. Prometheus Books (‘Contemporary Issues’ series), New York, ISBN: 1-57392-996-4. 350pp.
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  • Kean (2004). Report on: Is GM God’s will?. Science & Religion Forum Discussion between Joe Perry and John Bryant at The British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting 6-10 September 2004, Exeter.
  • Perry, J.N. (2005) Powerpoint slides and Abstract from the invited talk: ‘Some bioethical issues concerned in minimising harmful impacts of agriculture on biodiversity in arable ecosystems’, given at Seminar 4 (‘Ethical Production and Protection’) in the ESRC Transdisciplinary Seminar Series: ‘Approaches to Sustainable Farmland Management’, Royal Geographic Society, London, 18 January 2005.

Selected Recent Papers

  • Firbank, L.G., Perry, J.N., Squire, G.R., Bohan, D.A., Brooks, D.R., Champion, G.T., Clark, S.J., Daniels, R.E., Dewar, A.M., Haughton, A.J., Hawes, C., Heard, M.S., Hill, M.O., May, M.J., Osborne, J.L., Rothery, P., Scott, R.J. & Woiwod, I.P. (2003) The implications of spring-sown genetically modified herbicide-tolerant crops for farmland biodiversity: A commentary on the Farm Scale Evaluations of Spring Sown Crops. ISBN 0-85521-036-2. Published on the Defra website.
  • Perry, J.N., Firbank, L.G., Champion, G.T., Clark, S.J., Heard, M.S., May, M.J., Hawes, C., Squire, G.R., Rothery, P., Woiwod, I.P. & Pidgeon, J.D. (2004) Ban on triazine herbicides likely to reduce but not negate relative benefits of GMHT maize cropping. Nature, 428, 313 – 316.
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  • Maria Burke, The FSE Research Consortium, & The SSC (2005) Managing GM crops with herbicides: Effects on farmland wildlife. ISBN 0-85521-142-3. Published on the Defra website:
  • Clark, S.J., Rothery, P. & Perry, J.N. (2005) Farm Scale Evaluations of spring-sown genetically modified herbicide-tolerant crops: a statistical assessment. Proc. R. Soc. series B , published online – doi:10.1098/rspb.2005.3282.
  • Conrad, K.F., Perry, J.N., Woiwod, I.P. & Alexander, C.J. (2006) Large-scale temporal changes in spatial pattern during declines of abundance and occupancy in a common moth. Journal of Insect Conservation, 10, 53-64. DOI 10.1007/s10841-005-1618-2.

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