Prof. Gennaro Auletta is Aggregate Professor in the Gregorian University, Researcher in the Cassino University, and Scienti c Director of the STOQ Project. He is also visiting professor in the University of Notre Dame, associate of the Faraday Institute of the Cambridge University, and member of the Linnean Society of London. After taking his degree in philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome he took his Ph.D and his Postdoc in Philosophy at the same university. He is married to Mathilde Anquetil and has two children: Leo and Margot.

His philosophical interests are logic, philosophy of nature (with special connections with quantum mechanics and biology), philosophy of mind, and metaphysics. In science, his main interests are in quantum mechanics (quantum information, foundations, interpretation). For the last ten years his research interests have addressed issues in the treatment of information by biological systems (from bacteria to human brain), in cognitive neurosciences.

Recent Selected Scientific Publications

  • Auletta, Gennaro (2000), Foundations and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: In the Light of a Critical-Historical Analysis of the Problems and of a Synthesis of the Results, Singapore, World Scientific.
  • Auletta, Gennaro (2000), An Outline of an Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, in Garola, C. and Rossi, A. (Eds.), The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. Historical Analysis and Open Questions, Singapore, World Scienti c: 31-49.
  • Auletta, Gennaro (2002), Is Representation Characterized by Intrinsicity and Causality?, Intellectica 35: 83-113.
  • Auletta, Gennaro (2003), Some Lessons of Quantum Mechanics for Cognitive Science, Intellectica 36-37: 293-317.
  • Auletta, Gennaro (2003), Language, Sign, and Representation: An Answer to Stewart, Laurent, Reboul, and Palma, Intellectica 36-37: 401-417 (the whole debate pp. 381-417).
  • Auletta, Gennaro (2005), Quantum Information and Inferential Reasoning, Foundations of Physics 35:155-69.
  • Auletta, Gennaro (2005), Quantum Information as a General Paradigm, Foundations of Physics 35:787-815.
  • Auletta, Gennaro (2006), The Ontology Suggested by Quantum Mechanics, in Valore, Paolo (Ed.), Topics on General and Formal Ontology, Monza, Polimetrica International Scienti c Publisher: 161-79.
  • Auletta, Gennaro (2007), Information, Semiotics, and Symbolic Systems, Semiotica 166: 359-76.
  • Auletta, G., Ellis, G., and Jaeger, L. (2008), Top-Down Causation by Information Control: From a Philosophical Problem to a Scienti c Research Program, Journal of the Royal Society: Interface 5:1159-72.
  • Auletta, G., Fortunato, M., and Parisi, G. (2009), Quantum Mechanics: A Modern Perspective, Cambridge, University Press.
  • Auletta, G. (2010), A Paradigm Shift in Biology?, Information 1:28-59
  • Auletta, G. and Torcal, L. (2011), From Wave-Particle to Features-Event Complementarity, International Journal of Modern Physics.

Selected Science-Religion Publications

  • Auletta, Gennaro (Ed.) (2006), The Controversial Relations Between Science and Philosophy: A Critical Assessment, Vatican City, Libreria Editrice Vaticana.
  • Auletta, Gennaro (2007), Science, Philosophy, and Religion Today: Some Reflections, Theology and Science 5 (2007): 267-87.
  • Auletta, Gennaro (Ed.) (2008), The Controversial Relations Between Science and Philosophy: New Opportunities for a Fruitful Dialogue, Vatican City, Libreria Editrice Vaticana.

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