I work at the intersection of philosophy, economics, and political science, with a particular focus on individual and collective decision-making and the nature of intentional agency. I have long-standing interests in social choice theory and the theory of democracy.

A growing part of my work addresses metaphysical questions, e.g., about free will, causation, probability, and the relationship between “micro” and “macro” levels in the human and social sciences.

My new book, titled “Why free will is real”, has recently been published by Harvard University Press (look inside).

For interviews on free will, see, e.g., Nautilus, Scientific American Blog, and Philosophy Bites. For a series of blogs, see here (Brains Blog), for a short informal article, see here (Boston Review), and for a debate with critics, see here (The Philosopher). An earlier scholarly paper is available here.

For an interview on decision theory, see here (to appear in a volume of Conversations on Rational Choice).

Although my interests may seem eclectic, the different strands of my work complement each other. One can often make progress on some issues by developing connections between different fields.

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