Nicholas Beale is a Social Philosopher and Director of Sciteb. He read Maths at Cambridge University and then worked in computer communications, chairing working groups of the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Project 802 which established industry standards. After a spell at McKinsey he established Sciteb in 1998. Much of his work has been on the interaction between investors and companies, culminating in his book Constructive Engagement. He also organised the first Colloquium on the Ethical and Spiritual Implications of the Internet, at the House of Lords in 1997. He collaborates with Martin Nowak, Robert May and others on certain applications of mathematical biology and evolutionary dynamics. His 10-year collaboration with John Polkinghorne on resulted in their joint book Questions of Truth published in 2009.

Recent Selected publications

  • “God and Science” (with Colin Howson) Prospect May 1998
  • Cybernauts Awake (co-author) Church House Publishing (1999)
  • Constructive Engagement: Directors and Investors in Action Gower (2005)
  • “Oil and Troubled Waters". Harvard Business Review: Nov 2005
  • Questions of Truth (with John Polkinghorne) Westminster John Knox (2009)
  • The Selfish Gene Delusion Trinity Forum “Provocations” Feb 2009.

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