Julia Burton-Jones holds two roles for Anna Chaplaincy, working as the Anna Chaplaincy lead for the Dioceses of Rochester and Canterbury, a role she has held since 2015, but also working since May 2020 as national church lead for Anna Chaplaincy with The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF), the home of Anna Chaplaincy.  In both roles she works with churches and individuals exploring spiritual care for older people, particularly those living with dementia, and whether Anna Chaplaincy might enable better pastoral and spiritual care both for those within the church family but also older people in the wider community.

Her previous roles have included working for national organisations supporting older people, including Dementia UK, The Relatives and Residents Association and Care UK.  She has a focus on hearing the voice of people with dementia and carers and has written several books and articles on ageing, dementia and the needs of family carers.  She is an adult educator and training has been a key element of her work to raise awareness of needs in later life and dementia. She is married to Simon, Bishop of Tonbridge, and has two adult children.

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