Harfiyah Haleem has been a trustee of IFEES (the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences) since 2003.  Editor of ‘Islam and the Environment’ (an anthology of essays by Muslim scholars), she has also
helped to edit ‘The Muslim Green Guide…’, and has contributed a Muslim viewpoint for a forthcoming interfaith book ‘Whose Light is it Anyway?’ as well as book reviews for IFEES’ EcoIslam magazine, the Muslim World Book Review and others. She gives talks and presentations about various aspects of Islam and the environment and contributes a sustainability dimension to the Living Islam summer event, including eco-workshops for up to 1000 Muslim scouts.

Since 2005 she has been helping to run various environmental awareness and recycling projects amongst the Muslim communities in Tower Hamlets and other London boroughs.  She is a contributor to two seminars at Lambeth Palace: Climate Change 2009 and Sustainability 2011. She is also a director of the Muslim Women’s Collective CIC in Tower Hamlets, for whom she has run an eco-champions / recycling awareness-raising project and part of a waste inspection project.

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