Dr. Yonghua Ge is the founding director of Mandarin Theology Program and an associate professor of theology at ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University in Canada. He is also a sessional lecturer at Regent College.

A native of China, Yonghua Ge studied physics as an undergraduate at Fudan University and began graduate work in the University of Toledo in the United States. After completing his theological studies at Regent College, he did doctoral research at the University of Cambridge, obtaining his PhD in 2015. He spent three years in Regent College as the Post-Doctoral Fellow in Theology before establishing the Mandarin Theology Program in Trinity Western University in 2018.

Yonghua Ge is the author of The Many and the One: Creation as Participation in Augustine and Aquinas (Lexington Books, 2021). The Chinese version of the book was published in 2023 by the Institute of Religion, Chung Yuan University in Taiwan. He is also the author of Ten Lectures on the Essentials of the Bible: An Introduction to Biblical Thought for 21st century Chinese Intellectuals (《圣经要义十讲:写给21世纪中国知识人的圣经思想导读》, 荣益出版社,2024). His upcoming book is Anti-intellectualism in the Chinese Church (《中国教会的反智主义》).

In addition, he has published articles in academic journals such as Philosophy East and West, The Heythrop Journal, Tyndale Bulletin, Sino-Christians, Logos & Pneuma, and Regent Review of Christian Thoughts. He is the also founding editor of Journal of Chinese Ecclesial Theology (《华人教会神学研究》), which is dedicated to original, contextualized theology for the Chinese Church.

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