Dr Peter Bussey has recently retired as Reader in Physics at the University of Glasgow. He was educated at Cambridge University (MA, PhD, ScD) and held a post at Sheffield University before moving to Glasgow in 1971.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Dr Bussey is working with the following international particle physics collaborations:

• ZEUS Experiment at DESY, Hamburg where he leads the Glasgow group, in collaboration with UK groups from Bristol, Oxford, and University College, London.

• CDF Experiment at Fermilab, Chicago, USA in collaboration with UK groups from Liverpool, Oxford and University College, London.

• ATLAS Experiment at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, with thirteen other UK groups in a collaboration that includes the Universities of Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.

In all three cases the collaborations include many other institutions worldwide.

The Glasgow group in ZEUS has concentrated on studies of hard scattering processes, high energy photoproduction, and properties of final states in Deep Inelastic Scattering Processes. Since 1995, Dr Bussey has led a programme of study into ‘prompt’ photons in photoproduction, in which a photon emerges at high energy, radiated off a quark which takes part in the basic scattering process.

The Glasgow group in CDF took part in a programme of research into mesons containing the b quark, produced in high energy proton-antiproton collisions. The group also took part in a search for the Higgs boson.

Dr Bussey has been working with an ATLAS team with the aim of introducing new detector systems to measure the protons after their collisions.

Recent selected publications in science and religion

• `God as First Cause – a Review of the Kalam Argument’, Science and Christian Belief 25 (2013) 17-35.
• `Mystery and Ignorance’, Science and Christian Belief 23 (2011) 3-21.
• `The Myth of Physicalism’, Guest Editorial, Science and Christian Belief 21 (2009) 98-100.
• `Explanations in Science and Beyond’, Science and Christian Belief  20 (2008) 175-194, 201-204.
• ‘Physical Infinities: A Substitute for God’, Science and Christian Belief 18 (2006) 133-150.
• ‘Beyond Materialism: from the Medieval Scholars to Quantum Physics’, Science and Christian Belief 16 (2004) 157-178.
• ‘Modern Astronomy and our Perception of the Universe’, Science and Christian Belief 12 (2000)  3-15.
• ‘Eastern Religions and Modern Physics – A Further Examination’, Science and Christian Belief 11 (1999) 113-127.
• ‘Indeterminacy, Time and the Future’, Science and Christian Belief 9 (1997)  79-84.

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