Dr Pete Moore is a multi-award winning science communicator and author. As well as journalistic and PR writing, he has published more than a dozen published books that address different aspects of science, technology and ethics. He blogs at www.humanfutures.biz, and enjoys injecting realism into debates about the potential uses of technology in the near future.

Dr Moore leads training courses on different aspects of writing and editing both in the UK and Europe. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, was Chairman of the Medical Journalists’ Association (2002) and is a member of the Physiological Society, the Association of British Science Writers, and the Society of Authors. Dr Moore has also acted as rapporteur at consultations held at St George’s House, Windsor Castle and at private consultations organised by the Christian Medical Fellowship held within the House of Lords.

Recent selected publications

  • Moore, P. (2001) Ethical Debates: Stem Cell Research.
  • Moore, P. (2008) Enhancing Me: The Hope and Hype of Human Enhancement. Science Museum / John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
  • Moore, P. (2007) Ethical Debates: Genetic Engineering. Wayland.
  • Moore, P. (2006) The little book of big ideas: Science. A & C Black.
  • Moore, P. (2005) E=mc2. Friedman/Fairfax Publishing.
  • Moore, P. (2004) The Forensic Handbook. Eye Books.
  • Moore, P. (2003) Being Me. John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
  • Moore, P. (2002) Blood and Justice. John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
  • Moore, P. (2002) Killer Germs. London, Carlton Books.
  • Moore, P. (2002) Babel’s Shadow. Oxford, Lion.

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