Dr Paula Clifford currently leads Christian Aid’s strategy on climate change and is head of Church Communications for the organisation. She previously taught medieval French and modern linguistics, first at the University of Reading, and subsequently at Magdalen and Somerville Colleges, Oxford.

Her work with Christian Aid has involved extensive travel in the developing world, particularly in Africa, but also in Asia, the Caribbean and South America, focussing on care for those affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and strategies for preventing the disease’s further spread.

Her particular interests within the climate change strategy are concerned with how climate change affects people in the developing world, and the theological justification for Christian involvement. She was a keynote speaker at the Oxford Operation Noah conference on climate change in February 2006.

Selected Publications

  • CLIFFORD, P. (2001) Women Doing Excellently. Canterbury Press.
  • CLIFFORD, P. (1997) A Brief History of End-Time. Lion.

Recent science-religion publications

  • CLIFFORD, P. (2004) Theology and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Christian Aid.

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