Margaret Miller is an Ecologist with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Southeast Fisheries Science Center.  She received an undergraduate degree from Indiana University and a doctorate in marine ecology from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill).  Her dissertation involved ecological studies of non-reef building coral, Oculina spp, off North Carolina and factors that determined their growth and distribution.  She then moved south to examine some “real” corals in a three year post-doctoral position with the University of Miami.  She began work for NOAA-Fisheries in 1997 as the lead benthic ecologist at the Miami Lab and has served as a foundation for its growing coral reef program.  She is an active field researcher and diver.  Her current research foci include coral early life history, coral restoration, population studies of threatened elkhorn and stagorn corals and their threats. She resides with her husband and 12-yr old son in Miami, FL, where they are active in Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church.


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