Dr Marc Cortez is Academic Dean and Assistant Professor of Theology and Church History at Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon, where he teaches systematic theology, historical theology, philosophy, and biblical Greek. His research interests revolve largely around the interplay between Christology and anthropology in Christian theology, particularly with reference to human ontology and ethics. He is also interested in a variety of theological figures including Karl Barth, Augustine, and Jonathan Edwards.

Recent Publications

  • Marc Cortez (2009), Theological Anthropology: A Guide for the Perplexed, Edinburgh: T & T Clark.
  • Marc Cortez (2008), Embodied Souls, Besouled Bodies: An Exercise in Theological Anthropology and its Significance for the Mind/Body Debate, Edinburgh: T & T Clark.
  • Marc Cortez (2008), "Body, Soul, and (Holy) Spirit: Karl Barth’s Theological Framework for Understanding Human Ontology." International Journal of Systematic Theology 10.3: 328-345.
  • Marc Cortez (2007), "What Does It Mean to Call Karl Barth a Christocentric Theologian?" Scottish Journal of Theology 60.1: 127-143.

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