Dr Jaeger holds a permanent lectureship and is academic dean at Nogent Bible Institute (IBN) in Nogent-sur-Marne, an interdenominational evangelical Bible college situated near Paris which trains pastors and other Church workers at an undergraduate level, and lay people in extension programs.

After completing postgraduate studies in physics and mathematics — including research in theoretical solid state physics — at the University of Cologne (Germany) and in theology at the Seminary for Evangelical Theology in Vaux-sur-Seine (France), Lydia Jaeger obtained her Ph.D. in philosophy at the Sorbonne on the possible links between the concept of laws of nature and religious presuppositions, under the supervision of Michel Bitbol (CNRS, France). She holds a permanent lectureship and is academic dean at the Institut Biblique de Nogent-sur-Marne, an interdenominational Evangelical Bible college near Paris which trains pastors and other Church workers at an undergraduate level, and lay people in extension programs.

Since 2000, Lydia Jaeger has had several short study leaves in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge (Great Britain), where she is also an associate member of St. Edmund’s College and of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. From 2005 to 2010, she held a research professorship in philosophy of science and contemporary thought, jointly based at the Evangelical Theological Seminary (FLTE) in Vaux-sur-Seine and the Institut Biblique de Nogent-sur-Marne. Since 2012 she has been coordinating a joint project with the French branch of IFES (GBU) to develop evangelical science-faith resources for the francophone world. Her current research interests are natural order, the epistemological and ethical implications of the doctrine of creation, the theology of science and our understanding of humankind in the light of evolutionary biology, neuroscience and philosophy.

She is a member of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA), Christians in Science (CiS), the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians (FEET) and the Tyndale Fellowship; she is a founding member of the Société de Philosophie des Sciences, the Réseau des Scientifiques Evangéliques and the Réseau Evangéliques et Sciences Humaines. She is the author of seven books and several articles on the relationship between Christianity and the natural sciences.


Recent science – religion publications

  • Jaeger L (2015) “Chance in a created world: how to avoid common misunderstandings about divine action”, European Journal for Philosophy of Religion VII, 2015, p. 155-169
  • Jaeger L (2014) “Beyond emergence: learning from Dooyeweerdian anthropology?”, in The Future of Creation Order, vol. 1, ed. Gerrit GLAS, Jeroen de RIDDER, Dordtrecht, Springer, to be published.
  • Jaeger L (2013) “Les lois de la nature prouvent-elles l’existence du Créateur? ”, in Études de cosmologie philosophique, ed. Michel BASTIT, Paris, L’Harmattan, p.107-127.


  • Jaeger L (2012) “Against Physicalism-plus-God: how creation accounts for divine action in the world”, Faith and Philosophy XXIX, p. 295-312.
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  • Jaeger L (2010) “The contingency of laws of nature in science and theology”, Foundations of Physics XL, p. 1611-1624.
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  • Jaeger L (2005) “Cosmic Order and Divine Word”, Churchman CXVIII, 2004, p.47-51; also published in Spiritual Information: 100 Perspectives, ed. Charles L. Harper Jr., Philadelphia (PA), Templeton Foundation Press, p.151-154.


Selected recent publications

  • Jaeger L (2013) “La vérité : perspectives philosophiques et théologiques”, Théologie Évangélique XII, n°3, p. 3-32.
  • Jaeger L (2013) “Vérité”, dans La foi chrétienne et les défis du monde contemporain : repères apologétiques, sous dir. Christophe PAYA, Nicolas FARELLY, Charols, Excelis, p. 572-580.
  • Jaeger L (2013) Vivre avec la mort, Vaux-sur-Seine/Charols, Édifac/Excelsis, 2013, 151 p.
  • Jaeger L (2013) “Quelle place pour Dieu dans le doute cartésien ?”, Théologie Évangélique XII, 2013, p. 42-68.
  • Jaeger L (2012) “Herman Dooyeweerd, la ‘spéculation sur le logos’ et la vérité”, in L’amour de la sagesse : hommage à Henri Blocher, ed. Alain NISUS, Édifac/Excelsis, Vaux-sur-Seine/Charols, p. 299-310.
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  • Jaeger L (2011) “What place is there for God in Cartesian Doubt?”, Churchman CXXV, 2011, p. 315-330.

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