Kevin Dutton is a Research Associate of the Faraday Institute with a background in psychology. After completing his PhD in Psychology at the University of Essex he worked as a Senior Research Fellow in the same University on ‘Cognitive Bias in Emotional Disorders’ before taking up a Fellowship at the Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge, where he was Lecturer in Science and Religion. Dr Dutton has also been Executive secretary of the International Society for Science and Religion and has wide interests in the science and religion field. He is currently working full-time in research on a book on conflict resolution.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Watts, F.N. and Dutton, K. (Eds.) (2006). Science and Religion – Why the dialogue matters. John Templeton Press.
  • Watts, F., Dutton, K. & Gulliford, L. (2006). Human spiritual qualities:
    Integrating psychology and religion, Mental Health, Religion and Culture, 9 (3), 277-289.

  • Russo, R., Whittuck, D., Roberson, D., Dutton, K., Georgiou, G., & Fox, E. (2006). Mood-congruent free-recall bias in anxious individuals is not a consequence of response bias. Memory, 14(4), 393-9.
  • Georgiou, G., Bleakly, C., Hayward, J., Russo, R., Eltiti, S., Dutton, K., & Fox, E. (2005). Focusing on fear: Attentional disengagement from emotional faces. Visual Cognition, 12, 145-158.
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