Dr John Bimson is Tutor in Old Testament at Trinity College, Bristol.


John studied at Sheffield University where he did his degree and postgraduate research at the Department of Biblical Studies in the 1970s. His doctoral research was on the historicity and setting of the Exodus and Conquest. He spent two years at Tyndale House in Cambridge doing research on the patriarchal narratives. He joined the faculty at Trinity in 1981.


His special interests include the historical and archaeological background to the Old Testament as a tool for understanding it, and he has taken part in excavations in Israel. He is also interested in environmental issues and in developing a biblical perspective on creation care. In recent years he has become a regular speaker on such topics. Read his short note on Job 38-39 on the Operation Noah website: http://www.operationnoah.org/notes-on-job.


He is committed to demonstrating the continuing importance and relevance of the Old Testament.

He is married to Maya and they have two sons. His hobbies include birdwatching, writing and walking


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