Donal P O’Mathuna, BSc(Pharm), MA, PhD is Senior Lecturer in Ethics, Decision-Making & Evidence in the School of Nursing, Dublin City University (DCU). He is also Visiting Professor of Bioethics at the University of Ulster, Coleraine. Donal’s original training was in pharmacy, but his recent research and teaching has focused on bioethics. Donal is Chair of the DCU Research Ethics Committee and a member of the St James’s Hospital Patients Ethics Committee.

Donal’s research interests include bioethics and evidence-based practice. Through the DCU Biomedical Diagnostics Institute, he has become interested in the ethical issues involving nanotechnology. This builds on his general interest in new technologies and their potential impact on human dignity. This has led to a growing interest in posthumanism and developing a response its advocates. He is also concerned about the funding of health research and how this impacts developing countries. Human dignity also underlies his interest in the ethics of torture. Another general theme in Donal’s research is the role of film and popular music in teaching ethics. Donal maintains his research interest in pharmacy through conducting systematic reviews as part of the Cochrane Collaboration.

Donal’s interest in issues of science and religion involve the underlying basis for ethical decision-making. Underlying Donal’s ethics is a commitment to biblical Christianity as the basis for his values and world-view. Guidance on modern bioethical dilemmas can be found in the Bible, and one of Donal’s on-going interests is developing methods for this approach. Doing this also involves being able to defend a Christian perspective on ethics in secular and pluralistic settings. Another related interest is the role of spirituality in health and medicine, in particular how these are presented within complementary and alternative medicine. Donal is a committee member for the Ireland branch of Christians in Science.

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Recent Publications

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Recent Publications on Science and Religion

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