David Glass is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing and Mathematics at Ulster University. He has a BSc in mathematics, MA in philosophy and PhD in theoretical physics from Queen’s University Belfast where he also worked as a post-doctoral research associate before joining Ulster University in 2000. His current research is in the areas of Bayesian and explanatory reasoning, knowledge discovery, and the mathematical and computational modelling of complex systems. This work is multidisciplinary in nature, involving research in artificial intelligence, mathematics and philosophy of science, and finding application in a range of areas. 

David also has an interest in the relationship between science and religious belief and has undertaken research in this area by applying his work on Bayesian and explanatory reasoning to topics such as ‘explaining away’ and design arguments. He has published a number of articles in this field and is also the author of Atheism’s New Clothes (IVP/Apollos, 2012).

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