Dr Alan Roberts is currently working as a Research Associate at Durham University, applying Bayesian techniques to the inversion of geophysical datasets. Previously he worked under Prof. Bob White in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge, having successfully completed a PhD there on the Crustal Structure of the Faroes North Atlantic Margin, trying to understand the mechanism of North Atlantic breakup 55 million years ago. He was a Natural Sciences undergraduate at Robinson College, Cambridge, specialising in Experimental and Theoretical Physics..

Having becoming a Christian in 1998 during his studies in Cambridge he is now an active member of Christ Church, Durham. He is deeply interested in the relationship between science and faith, the implications each has for the other, and also differing cultural perceptions of both. A member of Christians in Science, he has written for the CiS online magazine and spoken at Christian summer camps overseas about the nature of science and how one can be both a Christian and a scientist.

Recent Publications

  • A.W. Roberts, R.S. White, P.A.F. Christie. Imaging igneous rocks on the North Atlantic rifted continental margin. In: Geophysical Journal International, in press, 2009
  • R.S. White, L.K. Smith, A.W. Roberts, P.A.F.Christie, N. Kusznir Team, & iSIMM team. Lower-crustal intrusion on the north atlantic continental margin. In: Nature, vol. 452 pp 460-464, 2008.
  • A.W. Roberts and R.S. White, Z.C. Lunnon, P.A.F. Christie, R. Spitzer iSIMM team. Imaging Magmatic Rocks on the Faroes Margin. In: A.G. Dore and B. Vining, editors, Petroleum Geology Conference. Geological Society, London, 2005.

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