Wonders Of The Living World


RRP £19.99


Ruth M. Bancewicz (Author) Danny Allison (Illustrator)


Suitable for 16+

The living world is beautiful, intricate, and highly ordered. Organisms flourish across virtually every location on earth, and biological scientists are constantly discovering more about them.

These findings spark awe in those who study the natural world, and also raise questions about the meaning of what we see: What’s so special about life? Why are we here? Where is it all heading?

Drawing on the thoughts of six scientists of faith, the work of the theologian Alister McGrath, and the biblical scholar Hilary Marlow, Dr Ruth M. Bancewicz examines their research to assess the claim that the discoveries of science are consistent with the existence of a God.

Beautifully and creatively illustrated, Wonders of the Living World will inspire curiosity and amazement, and prove a fascinating guide to your thinking about the meaning of life.


Prof. Stephen Freeland, Astrobiologist;

Dr Rhoda Hawkins, Theoretical Physicist;

Prof. Jeff Hardin, Cell and Developmental Biologist;

Prof. Simon Conway Morris, Palaeobiologist;

ProfJeff Schloss, Evolutionary Biologist;

Dr Margaret Miller, Marine Biologist.


Publisher: Lion Hudson

Publication Date: 18th June 2021

ISBN: 9780745980546

Format: Hardback