The Heavens Declare


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Rodney Holder


One of the central themes of inquiry for Karl Barth, the twentieth-century Protestant theologian, was the concept of revelation. Though he was critical of natural theology, i.e. the seeking of evidence for God’s existence in the ordered structure of the world, recent scientific advances-notably in physics and cosmology-and the flourishing modern dialogue between science and religion offer compelling reasons to revisit Barth’s thinking on the subject. We must again ask whether and how it might be possible to hold together the notion of revelation while employing reason and scientific evidence in the justification of belief. In The Heavens Declare, author Rodney Holder re-examines Barth’s rejection of natural theology and explores how Barth has been critiqued and responded to by others.

Publisher: Templeton Press
Date: 1 May 2012
ISBN: 978-1-59947-396-3