Test of Faith Resources for Schools, including Special Edition Test of Faith documentary DVD.



Baker, Jenny et al.


These resources cover topics found in many UK GCSE and A Level RE syllabuses such as creationism, evolution, origins of the universe and the problems of evil and suffering. The resources are based on the three part documentary Test of FAITH. The topics are covered through five sessions, entitled: •The myth of conflict •Filling the gaps •How did life develop? •Evil and suffering •Freewill and determinism. The differentiated materials are suitable for use with 14-18 year olds and include background information, glossary, bibliography and curriculum links.

A free copy of the school’s pack (but not the DVD) may be downloaded from www.testoffaith.com/schools/

This material was £15 but is now available at the reduced price of £7.

Publisher: The Stapleford Centre