Living Lightly, Living Faithfully



Colin Bell, Jonathan Chaplin, Robert White (eds)


The prospects for a sustainable future seem increasingly elusive. Practical progress has lagged well behind scientific findings; governments and other bodies seem to be waiting for a clear lead from public opinion, but most people seem either paralysed or indifferent. However it is being increasingly acknowledged that the world religions have vitally important insights to offer on the question of sustainability both from their teaching and their potential to mobilise large numbers of citizens behind the far-reaching changes we badly need.

Living Lightly, Living Faithfully explores the distinctive contributions that religions can make to confronting the challenges of sustainability. Originating from a conference at Cambridge University, it contains essays from a wide variety of authors representing diverse faith and secular positions, helping us chart a path towards a more sustainable future, and inspiring us to set out on it with renewed passion and hope.

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Date: 1 November 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9559074-3-2