God’s Cosmic Cookbook


RRP £10.99


Elizabeth Cole


Want to create your own universe? It’s trickier than it looks . . .

God’s Cosmic Cookbook opens kids’ eyes to the latest scientific theories on the origins, history, and future of the universe by showing them how to cook their own cosmos.

With gentle humour and fun illustrations, this book confidently combines faith and science as God-the-chef helps readers navigate through the Big Bang, Inflation Theory, and getting to know your Goldilocks stars from your supermassive black holes. And that’s not all! As you explore God’s creative processes, you’ll also see some of the beauty and complexity involved in getting things just right for life as we know it to unfold.

This book has been created in partnership with The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge, UK. They have helped in every part of the process to ensure our science and theology are in line with current understandings and discoveries.