God Made The World


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Steph Bryant, Lizzie Henderson, Steph Marshall


God has given us lots of clues about how He made the world. This is how we think He did it. Discover how our world was made, beginning with His amazing stars. Follow the process of how Earth was formed and filled with amazing life.

The ‘God made’ series encourages young children to explore and discover the world around them and tells them about the loving God who made it all. Scientific ideas about how and why everything was created are simply explained through the lively narrative and wonderful illustrations, leaving children marvelling at God’s creativity, love and power. With additional information by the Faraday Institute about Science and the Bible for parents to open up discussion and some simple science experiments to engage budding young scientists.

Publisher: Lion Fiction
Date: 20th March 2020
ISBN: 9780745977843


A beautifully written and illustrated book that will help children and parents gaze in wonder at God’s amazing world.

Professor Eric Priest, Mathematician

Early Years teachers can look forward to meeting the wonderful Faraday Kids Science and Religion series. Two of them — God Made the World and, in a separate volume, God made Space — show that long gone, thankfully, are the days when Christian educators desperately tried to fit science into a pre-determined biblical framework.

Sure, there is an assumption that God was behind it all, but the science in these texts is rigorous and up to date. “This is how we think [God] did it” is the approach. Some precocious bright spark will undoubtedly ask whether it could have occurred anyway, without the God dimension. But you get the feeling from these sparky books that the authors would be glad to have such a question put to them. The books are great fun, beautifully produced, and excellent value.

Church Times 19 June 2020 Dennis Richards Top five education books out now

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