God Made Activity Book


RRP £6.99


Lizzie Henderson and Steph Bryant


Explore, observe and discover God’s wonderful creation through this fun-filled science activity book for young children.

20 pages of scenes and activities engage children in celebrating the creativity and diversity of all that God made with over 30 large stickers of animals, planets and natural features.

Activities include:
– observing the moon and stars on a starry night
– charting the weather
– using stickers for a pre-historic animals’ scene (including dinosaurs)
– collecting and identifying the great variety of leaves
– going on a mini-beast search expedition
– identifying the planets of the solar system, growing vegetables to eat
– matching animals to their habitats using stickers.

Be a scientist, an explorer and carer of all that God made!

The ‘God Made’ series encourages young children to explore and discover more about the world around them, and tells them about the loving God who made it all. This series of picture books – God Made Space, God Made the World and God Made Animals – and activities is an ideal way to help children engage with and celebrate God and His universe. Explore further with Faraday Kids www.faradaykids.com