101 Great Big Questions about God and Science


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Lizzie Henderson & Steph Bryant


Have you ever wondered how the universe began, what the point of life might be, or whether God likes science? Then this is the book for you! 101 Great Big Questions asked by children with fascinating responses from leading experts in the areas of science, theology, philosophy and beyond! Explore questions about the universe from the Big Bang and beginnings to what might happen in the future.

Discover what the experts think about:

  • could humans ever become mermaids?
  • do other animals have religions?
  • why the Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs?
  • could Jesus get out of a black hole?
  • can science prove the existence of God?
  • and does God like aliens?

Read personal stories from world class scientists and theologians about their experiences of exploring their own big questions about God, life, and the amazing universe we live in. Contributors include Dr Jennifer Wiseman, The Revd Prof. David Wilkinson, The Revd Dr Joanna Collicutt, Dr Katharine Hayhoe, Prof. Tom Shakespeare, Prof. Simon Conway Morris, Prof. Rosalind Picard, The Rt. Revd Prof., Dr N T Wright, and Dr Francis S. Collins.

Perfect for budding scientists, theologians, and all those curious about the really big questions of life. This exciting question and answer-based book for 7+ year olds to explore key questions asked by children about science-faith interactions. The ‘handbook’ style is intended to encourage readers to dip in and out of the different chapters rather than reading through. Answers contributed by world-class knowledgeable scientists and theologians are presented in a clear, engaging and open-ended style. Additional material provides information about the Faraday Institute and the website www.faradaykids.com.

Age Range: 7+
Publication Date: 2022
Publisher: Lion Hudson
ISBN: 978-0745978369
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