Title Speaker(s) Context Date
Mental Health: Contemporary Challenges and a Church Based Response Helen Thorne November 23, 2023
Mental Health: Contemporary challenges seen from a Christian vantage point Revd Dr Steve Midgley Course November 23, 2023
Science – Beauty – Theology: A Virtuous or Vicious Trinity? Prof. Tom McLeish FRS Lecture May 26, 2022
Psychosis and Religious Experience Revd Dr Joanna Collicutt Seminar March 16, 2022
Thinking Theologically About Mental Health: Bible, Church and Spirit Prof. John Swinton Course January 28, 2022
Neuroscience and Free Will: Are we just driven by our brains? Dr Sharon Dirckx Seminar January 28, 2022
Common Ground between Science and Faith: What it means to be Human Dr Praveen Sethupathy Seminar May 11, 2021
Exploring the Foundations of Religious Behaviour Dr Emily Reed Burdett Seminar April 27, 2021
COVID-19: A Christian Response Prof. Bob White FRS, Revd Dr Roger Abbott, Dr Denis Alexander Seminar May 28, 2020
Consciousness, Intention, Final Causality and the Desire for God Prof. Simon Oliver Seminar February 18, 2020
Character and Wellbeing – a workshop Dr Roger Bretherton Course January 11, 2020
With God in Mind? Integrated Physicality, (Un)belief and Spiritual Technologies Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie Seminar November 12, 2019
Living with Dementia – a conversation Revd Mhari McLintock Course November 2, 2019
Consciousness and the Anatomy of the Soul Prof. Michael Wang Course July 4, 2019
Is it all in the brain? Prof. Stephanie Clarke Course July 4, 2019
Hearing Voices: Theology, Psychiatry and the Lived Experience of Hearing Voices Prof. John Swinton Seminar March 5, 2019
Humility, Hope and Holiness: Explorations in the Psychology of Character Strengths Dr Roger Bretherton Seminar February 19, 2019
Is the Human Brain Hard-Wired for Faith? Prof. Stephanie Clarke Course July 4, 2018
Faith and Neuroscience: Friend of Foe? Revd Prof. Alasdair Coles Seminar May 29, 2018
Brain science and the church Revd Prof. Alasdair Coles Course January 10, 2018
The Neurobiology of Beauty and its Implications Prof. Semir Zeki FRS Seminar October 20, 2017
The Brain, Free Will and Determinism Dr Harvey T. McMahon FRS Course July 6, 2017
Religious Experience and the Brain Dr Joseph Tennant Course July 6, 2017
What does neuroscience teach us which is helpful for those of faith? Revd Prof. Alasdair Coles Course July 3, 2017
Neuroscience, the Bible and the Soul Revd Prof. Alasdair Coles, Dr Mike Thompson Course April 29, 2017
Pastoral Issues Arising From Neurological and Psychiatric Illness Revd Prof. Alasdair Coles Course January 11, 2017
Is Happiness in our Genes? Dr Michael Pluess Seminar November 22, 2016
Neurological disease and faith Revd Prof. Alasdair Coles Course January 7, 2016
Parkinson’s Disease and Faith Revd Prof. Alasdair Coles Course November 29, 2015
Faith In Dementia: Authenticity and Neuroscience Prof. Julian Hughes Course November 29, 2015
Forgiveness, Gratitude and Hope in Psychology and Theology Dr Liz Gulliford Course November 29, 2015
Faith and The Developing Brain Dr Duncan Astle Course November 29, 2015
The Significance of Hearing Voices Prof Chris Cook Course November 28, 2015
Disbelief, Delusions and Hallucinations Prof Paul Fletcher Course November 28, 2015
Mind-brain and freewill Dr Harvey T. McMahon FRS Course November 28, 2015
Delusions, positive illusions, and jump to conclusions Dr Ryan McKay Course November 28, 2015
Ascribing Beliefs to Brains Dr Daniel De Haan Course November 28, 2015
Damaged Brain, Wounded Soul? Revd Dr Joanna Collicutt Course November 28, 2015
Imaging Belief States in Pain and Religion Prof Irene Tracey Lecture November 27, 2015
The psychology of religion/spirituality and disasters Dr Jamie Aten Course July 10, 2015
The science of children’s belief in God and the supernatural Dr Emily Reed Burdett Course July 9, 2015
The science of children’s belief in God and the supernatural Dr Emily Reed Burdett Course July 9, 2015
Neuroscience and Faith Dr Daniel De Haan Course July 9, 2015
Identity, Self-Esteem and the Image of God Prof. Glynn Harrison Lecture January 13, 2015
Are People Born to Believe? Prof Justin Barrett Lecture October 21, 2014
Psychology and religious belief Prof Justin Barrett Course July 11, 2014
Memory and personhood Prof. Noreen Herzfeld Course July 11, 2014
Cognitive Science, Philosophy and Faith Prof. Roger Trigg Course April 5, 2014
Religion, spirituality and mental health: current controversies and future directions Prof. Simon Dein Seminar March 4, 2014
Mind, brain and the search for God Revd Prof. Alasdair Coles Course January 14, 2014