Title Speaker(s) Context Date
Early Career Teacher Experiences of Science-Religion Encounters in the Classroom: Towards a Shared Understanding of Purpose? Dr Mary Woolley Seminar November 16, 2023
The Persistence of Faith: Scientific and Theological Perspectives Prof. David Fergusson Lecture November 16, 2023
Global Perspectives on Science and Christianity Dr Mike Brownnutt Course March 30, 2023
A Beautiful Quest: The Promise and Peril of Aesthetics in Science Dr Brandon Vaidyanathan Seminar May 12, 2022
Big Questions: Exploring Science and Faith with Children and Young People Lizzie Henderson, Cara Parrett Course January 28, 2022
Supporting and making use of scientists in congregations Prof. Andrew Halestrap Course January 11, 2020
Presenting Life’s Big Questions to Children and Young People Steph Bryant, Lizzie Henderson Course January 11, 2020
Conceptions of Sin and the Nature of Social Life: Anthropology and the Theology of Atonement Prof. Joel Robbins Seminar February 6, 2018
Building Better Bridges – Science and faith working together historically, nationally and locally. Rt Revd Dr David Thomson (Bishop of Huntingdon) Course January 11, 2017
The Power of the Media in the Science – Religion Debate Aaqil Ahmed, Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker, Mr Clifford Longley, Dr Denis Alexander Panel Discussion October 31, 2015
The Faiths of Scientists in the UK and US Prof. Elaine Howard Ecklund Course July 7, 2014
Perspectives on Science: History, philosophy and ethics of science in post-16 education Mr David Allard Course March 27, 2010
Science and Religion in the Public Domain Prof. Roger Trigg Seminar October 17, 2006
Science and Religion on the Radio Mr Martin Redfern Course September 23, 2006
Science and Religion in Science Journalism Mr Michael Brooks Course September 23, 2006
How Does Parliament Handle the Ethical Issues Raised by Scientific Advances? Rt Hon John Gummer MP Course September 22, 2006
Does the Advance of Science mean Secularisation? Prof. David Martin Lecture November 3, 2005
Power and Responsibility: Science, Humanity and Religion in the 21st Century. Dr Jonathan Sacks Lecture November 25, 2003