Title Speaker(s) Context Date
Science, Spirituality and the Problem of Evil Rupert Shortt Seminar February 9, 2023
The Quranic Notion of the Soul and Its Place in Science and Psychology Dr Mehdi Nassaji Seminar December 1, 2022
Naturalism Without Content: Where Plantinga’s Conflict Actually Lies Chris Oldfield Seminar November 10, 2022
Randomness in Philosophy and Theology Dr Yves Gaspar Seminar June 16, 2022
Souls in Spacetime? Dr J. Brian Pitts Course February 4, 2022
Human Persons and Quantum Entanglement Prof. Michael Esfeld Course February 4, 2022
God, Aristotle and Emergence Prof. Robert Koons Course February 4, 2022
How the Quantum Revolution Vindicates Aristotle’s Metaphysics Prof. Robert Koons Seminar February 9, 2021
The Naturalistic Case for Free Will Prof. Christian List Seminar November 24, 2020
Experimental Psychology of Religion Revd Dr Jonathan Jong Seminar November 10, 2020
The Divine Lawmaker: Nomological Arguments for God’s Existence Dr James Orr Seminar May 12, 2020
Can Nature Be Red in Tooth and Claw In The Thought Of Augustine? (a case study) Dr Stanley Rosenberg Seminar January 21, 2020
Where do the laws of nature come from? Prof. Dr Barbara Drossel Course July 1, 2019
It Keeps Me Seeking: The Invitation from Science, Philosophy and Religion Prof. Andrew Briggs Seminar February 5, 2019
Kalam Philosopy, Islam and Science Dr Bruno Guiderdoni Seminar November 20, 2018
The presupposition of science, the Bible and Christian faith Prof. René van Woudenberg Course July 3, 2018
Scientism and the limits of science Prof. René van Woudenberg Course July 2, 2018
The Search for Meaning Amidst Cosmic Annihilation, Transhumanism and the Last Judgement Dr Michael Burdett Seminar May 1, 2018
Mathematics and the Beauty of God Prof. David Watts Seminar October 24, 2017
Can God Play Dice? Chance and the Question of Metaphysical Continuity between Creator and Creation. Prof. Ian MacFarland Seminar March 7, 2017
Descartes, God and the Mechanistic Universe Prof. John Cottingham Seminar February 7, 2017
Scientific Exegesis of the Qur’an: Bint al-Shati’s Critique of Mustafa Mahmud Dr Shuruq Naguib Seminar January 24, 2017
How Science Learns about Unobservable Entities Prof. Hasok Chang Seminar October 25, 2016
Jewish Perspectives on Personhood Dr Daniel Weiss Course July 7, 2016
God and Natural Evil Dr Vinoth Ramachandra Course July 5, 2016
Science, God and Ockham’s Razor: Can Science Explain God Away? Dr David Glass Seminar May 17, 2016
God and the Order of Nature: Unity and Plurality Revd. Dr Shaun Henson Seminar May 3, 2016
Is there a place at the science-religion table for mathematics? Prof. Doug Kindschi Seminar April 19, 2016
Science and Religion: How do we know what we know? Chris Oldfield Course February 27, 2016
Hasn’t Science Disproved God? Martin Buzza Course February 27, 2016
Theological and philosophical responses to new atheism Prof. Alister McGrath Course July 6, 2015
The Penultimate Curiosity Prof. Andrew Briggs Seminar May 12, 2015
Does matter matter? Fundamental physics and ideas about God Revd Dr Gillian Straine Course March 21, 2015
Has science removed the need for God? Revd Prof. Keith Ward Course March 20, 2015
Charles Raven (1885-1964): Professor of Divinity and Promoter of Science Revd Dr Ian Randall Seminar February 17, 2015
Are we (just) animals? Prof. Raymond Tallis Seminar October 28, 2014
Evil in Evolution – a Philosopher’s Perspective Prof. Michael Murray Course July 10, 2014
Complex Systems, Emergence and God Prof. Dr Barbara Drossel Course July 9, 2014
Exploring the relationship between Science and Religion Prof. Tom McLeish FRS Course July 7, 2014
Contingency, Convergence and Hyper-astronomical Numbers in Biological Evolution. Dr Ard Louis Seminar April 29, 2014
Physics and Philosophy Dr Jeremy Butterfield Course April 6, 2014
Cognitive Science, Philosophy and Faith Prof. Roger Trigg Course April 5, 2014
Evolution, Emergence and Philosophy Prof. Tim O’Connor Course April 5, 2014
Free Will and Determinism Prof. Tim O’Connor Course April 5, 2014
Rationality in Science and Faith Prof. Roger Trigg Course April 4, 2014
Does the Universe need God? Hans Halvorson Lecture January 29, 2014
Faith and Science Prof. Raymond Tallis, The Most Revd Dr Rowan Williams Talk December 4, 2013
Big Questions in Science and Religion Revd Prof. Keith Ward Course November 30, 2013
Could There Be a Theory of Everything? Prof. Tim O’Connor Course July 8, 2013
The Emergence of Human Persons: Between the Scylla of Dualism and the Charybdis of Reductionism Prof. Tim O’Connor Seminar May 28, 2013
Emergence, Top Down Causation and Reductionism Prof. George F. R. Ellis FRS Seminar April 30, 2013
A Philosophical Perspective on Free Will Prof. Peter van Inwagen Course July 11, 2012
Naturalism and Evolutionary Theory Prof. Elliott Sober Lecture May 24, 2012
An agnostic’s perspective on the philosophy of science and religion Dr Mark Vernon Course March 31, 2012
Should the word ‘Nature’ be eliminated? A Historical Survey Prof. John Hedley Brooke Seminar January 22, 2008
A Mutuality Model for Science and Religion Prof. Alan Padgett Course July 21, 2007
Dialogue: Can God Know the Future? Reflections on the Block Universe Prof. Chris Isham, Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS 16 October 1930—9 March 2021 Course May 19, 2007
Quantum Theory, Critical Realism and Religious Belief Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS 16 October 1930—9 March 2021 Course May 19, 2007
Quantum Theory and Being Prof. Chris Isham Course May 19, 2007
Interpretations of Quantum Theory and Their Implications for Theology Prof. Gerard Nienhuis Course May 19, 2007
And Information Has Become Physical Prof. Andrew Briggs Course May 19, 2007
Divine Action Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS 16 October 1930—9 March 2021 Course July 27, 2006
Divine Action in Modern Science Dr Nicholas Saunders Course July 27, 2006
Does Religious Belief Need Justification? Prof. Roger Trigg Course July 25, 2006
Physics and the Real World Prof. George F. R. Ellis FRS Course July 17, 2006